About DSD

IMG_3450Dassel Software Development began as a school project in my sophomore year of high school in March of 2014, but, of course that is not the full story.

In my early teen years I received an in introductory book about computer programming in Python. Over the next couple years programming became a hobby of mine. I wrote a program to draw names for our annual Christmas gift exchange and a small space game. My real goal, however, was to write a Sheepshead game, because it is my family’s favorite card game. My Python programming, in addition to introducing me to programming, helped me gain school credit, since I am home educated.

I realized programming could be more than just a hobby, so I decided to look into programming as a career. During my sophomore year of highschool I received a book about making Windows Apps with C#. Before even finishing the book, I started my software company, which I named after my homeschool, Dassel Academy; and released my first app, The Most Useless App Ever. Soon after, I released Score Card. Presently I am working on developing new apps and growing Dassel Software Development (DSD).

We have recently released War, Tows over Jokers; and are now working on a Sheepshead app, to be released in the near future.

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