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The card game that tests your luck and patience.


A regular 52 card deck with two jokers is split between two players. Both players take one card off the top of their decks. Then the cards are compared. The ranks are as follows starting from the lowest: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Joker (The only exception is the two which can only beat a Joker). The player with the highest card adds both cards to his discard pile. When both cards are equal there is a “War.” In a war each player puts cards face down equal in number to the number of wars that have happened in the game. Then each player takes another card off of his deck. The player with the higher ranking card puts all of the cards in his discard pile. When a player runs out of cards in his deck he flips over his discard pile and it becomes his deck. The first player to take all of the cards wins.


Game Page:

The layout is very simple. Starting on the left is your information. The computer name is on top (which can be changed by clicking/tapping on it), below that is the number of cards the player and computer have, and finally at the bottom is the player name (which also can be changed by clicking/tapping on it). In the middle are the cards. The computer deck is on top, the played cards are in the middle, and the player deck (which you click on to play your card) is on the bottom. The left side of the screen contains the cards you and the computer put in during a war; it also contains the “narrator” of the game, which tells you who took the cards.

The Settings Page:


The settings page provides an alternative way to change names. It also contains a way to change the card style.

The App Bar:


The app bar contains easy navigation between pages. The “New Game” button starts a new game. The “Settings” button takes you to the settings page. The “Menu” button takes you to the menu page.



The only difference between this app bar and the app bar in the game page is the “Resume Game” button. This button restores the previous game you were playing.


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