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Score Card is a free app designed to replace pen and paper when playing various card games. It has a simple layout that can be easily edited to fit many popular card games such as Sheepshead, Gin, Rummy 500, Hearts, and Spades.



Score Card 2.0 contains two display styles, but they operate in the same way. The names at the top are user changeable. To add scores just enter the points gained/lost (if you lose points you need to enter a negative number) in the entry area that corresponds with the correct player, than click ‘Add Score.’ The round numbers (left side) will automatically increase as needed. There is also an optional dealer designator,  that moves as you add scores, to keep track of who’s dealing. When you close the app it will save your scores, names, the dealer, and the round number.

The App Bars:


The app bar is also the same in both styles. The ‘Settings’ button takes you to the settings page. If you go to the settings page your scores will be saved so you can come back and keep playing later. The ‘Reset Scores’ button empties the score columns and resets the round numbers. The ‘Save/Load’ button takes you to the save/load screen. The ‘Our Website’ button takes you to this page, as you might have discovered. The ‘Like Us’ button takes you to our Facebook page.

Settings Page:


The settings page is where you can change the style and game name. To change the style just select the style you prefer in the combo box underneath “Style.” A preview of the style will be shown next to the combo box. To change the game  name just enter the name of the game you are playing in the text area next to “Game Name:”. You can also add or remove the dealer designator using the Dealer switch and player names. To exclude a slot from the dealer rotation just leave its name empty. To go back to your scores just click/tap on the ‘Back’ button in the top left corner.

The Save/Load Screen:


The save/load screen has an area for save slots. To make a save slot you just type a name for the slot in the ‘<new save>’ text box then click/tap add. you can delete a slot by checking it and then clicking/tapping ‘Delete.’ All slots are available for saving whether or not it has a game saved to it.

And there you have it the easiest way to keep score of your games.

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