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The Most Useless App Ever

mainLogoWhat can you expect from an app with the word useless in it? Answer, you can expect to be entertained by uselessness, because it is hard to be entertained when doing something useful.



Score Card

Wide310x150Logo.scale-100Ever wanted to play cards, but you could not find any pens or paper? With this app pens and paper become obsolete. It is simple to use, supports up to five players, and contains up to 1,000,000* rounds.

*Score Card has not been observed going up to round 1,000,000.



WideLogo.scale-140War, the card game about having the best cards, is much simpler than real war. Just click/tap play, click/tap on your deck and see if your card is better than your opponents. If you take all of your opponents cards you win; but if your opponent takes your cards than you lose. So test your luck with this classic card game.


Void Voyager

WideTile.scale-100Void Voyager is a fun and simple arcade style space game. You can download it from the Windows store or play it on our website using Unity web player.


Random Item Selector

WideLogo.scale-140Random Item Selector is an app that allows you to make a list of whatever you want, and pick a random item from it.

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